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There I was, your wife, her blouse wide open, bra loose with my tits exposed to both men, my skirt pushed up to my waist and my pussy on display while I stroked a long, thick cock.
Rob: I can virtually feel your words as much as hear them.
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“He tasted so good!” The words roll smoothly off your lips after you finish kissing me, deep, long and hard.
My eyes are wide as I feel you straddle me, kissing me again before I can protest.
Your passion is contagious, your lust divine.
I feel your hips moving as you straddle me, grinding against me.
My shaft betrays my lust as your dark eyes sparkle with mischief.
Moving, grinding, whispering into my ear, telling me what happened.
How you gripped his shaft with your hand just like this (pulling mommy raging cock out and gripping it tight).
Stroking him, moving your thumb over the head of for pre-cum. Wok1990 text pornstars free.

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