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The scene would be the same—the tall grass in the field rolling and swaying with the caress of summer breeze, surrounded by a sea of deep green forest beyond.
The trees always danced and whispered amongst themselves, making Alluna envy them.
They were surrounded by their own kind and never lonely.
Not like her.
Loneliness was her constant companion.
Alluna only knew her >ama.
Sometimes she would catch glimpses of wildlife outside her window, and once every few years, humans brave enough to chance Mama’s wrath to appease their curiosity about the castle ruins.
Alluna tried to sigh, but couldn’t get enough breath into her starving lungs.
The brace Mama insisted she wear to keep her abnormal swelling down pinched her hips and constricted her ribs.
It hurt.
With a cry of anger, she tore at her golden frock, peeling it down to her knees, and unlaced her brace.
Cool air caressed her naked upper body, making her nipples peak tightly.
Tossing the offending brace aside, Alluna rubbed the ache, letting her head fall back in relief. Gingerqueen1 face for sexs.
Rubbing always felt nice…pinching too.
The sharp little sting of pain made her feel alive, made the area between her thighs ache.
Alluna’s fingertips closed on her nipples slowly and hesitated.
If Mama saw her, she’d beat Alluna, call her “naughty.
” Mama said touching her body was what had made her sick.
Her chest had swelled up into two ugly bumps, and once a month she bled between her legs.
That was really scary.
She didn’t enjoy the dull ache she’d feel in the pit of her groin those days either.
Choking back a sob, she crawled across the rough stones of the floor into the lap of one of her lifesized dolls.
A flood of tears bathed her cheeks as she wrapped the cold, rubbery arms around her.
Mama said the villagers wanted to hurt me.
Why? Her breath hiccupped as her fingers gripped the dolls frock tightly and burrowed deeper against the lifeless doll.
She imagined her doll, Lila, kissing the top of her head, patting her back and telling her it would be alright.
Why would they want to hurt me? Why am I sick? Why can’t I stop being naughty? She sniffled, feeling shame in the enjoyment she felt exploring her body, and the pleasure in the spankings afterwards.
Mama had tried to scare her, saying the villagers would come get her, tie her up and take a switch to her bare ass.
The thought both frightened and excited Alluna, much to her chagrin.
I’m naughty.
I’m a bad girl, and I’m ugly.
Mama said so.
She cried until, weary from grief, she dozed off.
Strange dreams invaded her sleep; a horde of devils in a dimly lit cavern. Alliahforyou wechat camera sex video.

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