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I moan because the feeling is excruciatingly wonderful.
He keeps rubbing my clitoris and my body convulses as his fingers touch it.
My eyes are staring at his engorged cock that is merely inches from my pussy.
I bite my lower lip as my father nudges his cock head at the entrance of my wet pussy.
I try wiggling my body wanting to have more of his thick cock, but his strong hands grip my body preventing me from wiggling.
I scowl in frustration.
Please Daddy.
Your cock! No.
Not yet.
My father then pulls my nipples hard and I cringe with the pleasure and pain.
He still has his dick only a few inches in me and I know I want more of my father.
I protest under him, but he ignores me while continues to torment me by pulling my nipples and frantically rubbing my clitoris.
I buckle under him as I come again and as I relish my orgasm, my father quickly rams his throbbing thick meat in my tight wet pussy.
I scream and I continue to thrash under his weight as my father fucks my sopping core.
His cock is stretching my young pussy and I love the feeling of that thick cock deep in my pussy. Laguynasexy www sexy xxx online com.
My father’s hands are tightly holding my hip as he continues slamming his cock in and out my body.
My body moves to his movement with each thrust, I welcome my father’s cock by raising my hip and slamming my young body up to meet him.
I can hear myself moaning and calling for my father but to me, my voice sounds so alien.
My father too calls my name saying how tight and how wet my pussy is.
This is more than I imagined.
My father’s hands leave my hip and move to my tits.
As he continues to pump his cock in my pussy, he grabs my tits and squeeze them hard.
I frantically hold onto his arm as I feel my father’s cock continuously ravaging my young pussy.
I can feel that I am going to climax yet again.
I can feel it consuming my body as my father fucks my pussy faster, harder and deeper.
I scream so loud when my father’s hand rubs my clitoris while pistoning his hard dick in me.
I feel the strongest orgasm as my body arch like a bow under my father’s body and I simply cannot stop myself convulsing from the sheer ecstasy that my father’s cock is giving me.
I am still reeling from the orgasm when my father pulls his cock out and turns my body.
I find myself on my stomach and then on all four.
I yelp when my father spanks my ass and yelp again when his hand spank my ass again.
He roughly pulls my hip and ram his cock in my pussy again.
He is mounting me from behind and I love the feeling of his cock entering and fucking my pussy this way. Cutieselfsuck 3g live video sex chat.

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