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It’s fucking cosmic.
They have me squirming around the bed in sheer fucking ecstasy.
I have a series of shattering orgasms, I couldn’t even tell you how many.
I’m moaning and squealing the fucking roof down.
Okay, I’m ramping up the volume cos I wanna really torture the sad unwanted thing lying in the neighbouring bed, but I’d be making a fuck of a lot of noise in any case, believe me.
But, yeah, I must admit, knowing that poor Petra is lying scrunched up and alone about a metre away, listening to these sounds of me being serviced and taken to heaven by two gorgeous hunky boys, this aspect is adding a great deal to my enjoyment.
I get a particular kick out of the undeniable fact that the guy who Petra thought was going to be hers tonight is right now in thrall to my ass.
Oh god, Danny, yeah that’s good.
Having my butt licked, I so love that! I giggle, really loud, deciding that I’d like Petra to know exactly what Danny is doing.
And then some more, just on the off chance she hasn’t quite got the picture.
That feels so fucking good, baby.
Oh Danny, yeah.
Keep going with that, sugar. Sexidetka24 urdo sex vedio.
Keep licking my ass like that, honey.
Go on Danny, baby, don’t be shy, get your tongue right in there.
Oooo baby, yeah! Oh my god that’s right, sugar, oh yeah, that feels fucking incredible! Do you think Petra enjoyed that? No? Paul and Danny can tell that I’m saying stuff especially to torture Petra and they enter fully into the spirit of this side of things.
Like, there’s an awful lot of very vocal adoring of me from both of them throughout the night.
They tell me over and over in clear ringing tones what a beautiful sexy girl I am, that I ought to be a model or a movie star or something equally glamorous like that and how my face is just amazing, dropdead pretty.
They go on about how terrific I am in bed, I’m fucking great, and oh christ my body is just complete and utter feminine perfection, so slim and gorgeous, such fabulous tits, such lovely lovely skin, such a heavenly pussy, such a glorious ass.
All perfectly true, of course, but boy do they lay it on thick! Poor Petra.
Wonder how she’s feeling listening to all this? Think I can imagine.
It must be nearly dawn by the time the boys and I have had our fill of each other and, tired and sated, the three of us snuggle up under my duvet and drift off to sleep for a couple of hours.
I’m awoken by the sounds of Petra creeping around and getting ready to leave for morning lectures.
She looks jumpy and strung out.
Her movements are jerky, hurried, and kinda surreptitious, and she keeps flicking quick nervous glances our way, clearly hoping we’re still asleep and that she can get out of the room without any interaction. Dirtysabrinna fruze cam chat.

Dirtysabrinna fruze cam chat.
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