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I kissed her finger, tasting the slight saltiness of my tears.
She smiled at me and mouthed, I love you.
I mouthed back to her, I love you too.
Then our lips touch.
First tenderly and tentatively as first time lovers, then more aggressively until our mouths opened to accept each other tongue for the first time as women in love.
Electric jolts passed though my body causing my nipples to become erect and my pussy to become very wet as a small orgasm went though my body.
I couldn’t help to feel so excited, my body felt as if it was floating on air, as our leg tangled in a knot.
When finally broke our first kiss, both us gasping for air.
I looked into her eye, seeing tear start to form.
I softly whipped her tears until my fingers touched her lips.
She kissed my fingers then sucked one in to her mouth.
Again an electric bolt passed through my body as sucked on one then two fingers into beautiful month.
I replaced my fingers with my mouth, gently sucking on her tongue as moved it in and out of my mouth. Marika30 bd free sex.
This was causing our nipples to become so hard against the fabric of our clothes that as I gently moved my nipples against hers, it would cause little whimpers to pass between us.
We broke our kiss and I become to kiss down her throat, down her neck stopping to kiss and lick the tops of each her breasts, while we both ground pelvises together.
I could feel the heat build between us as my thigh rubbed against her private area.
By this time she had moved her bare thigh between my legs allowing me to grind my soaked shorts against her.
I could feel her add more pressure allowing me to grind harder and faster against her.
I knew if I did this much longer that I was going to cum hard.
I tried to concentrate on kissing the tops of her breasts moving down to her nipples, licking, sucking and nibbling on each one through her dress, causing wet spots to form on her dress.
The more I did this the louder her moans got and the harder she ground herself against me.
Suddenly she held my head against her breast as I slowly nibbled on her very erect nipple.
She continued to grind herself harder against me yelling, Oh my God, oh my goooood! then she tensed her body and her mouth flew open with a low throaty grunt.
This time instead of watching her orgasm I was able to feel the waves of pleasure crash through her body.
The heat I felt against thigh became more intense as she released her essences from her body.
As the waves of pleasure coursed through her body, she pressed her thigh hard against my covered pussy. Dolcedollx live cam online.

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