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Finally Maggie said You want the truth, honestly? asked Maggie.
Sure, why not, replied Amanda.
As Amanda laid beside her, their bodies naked as usual Maggie said It helps me umm well it helps get horny.
I like to use it when I’m masturbating and well…it arouses me.
It feels good when I rub it in between my inner thighs and when I’m about to masturbate, Maggie told her.
And Amanda smiled as she asked Like in the bathroom…or wherever? Did she see that, Maggie asked herself as if surprised that she had to have.
Then she said it.
Yes, like in the bathroom or somewhere like that.
Well nowmaybe you and I should think about doing something like that together, Amanda told her as a naughty, mischievous smile settled in on her lips. Lucycutexx webcam grils.
Maggie’s face pinched up as if questioning what Amanda exactly meant by that.
She knew she’d been caught in the act of masturbating in the building they were in but how she’d been caught was anyone’s question.
She’d forgotten that her babydoll had been resting on her bookbag at the time but she’d been caught nevertheless.
Okay, if you’d like to, Maggie conceded, not that it was a bad idea.
The two, laying close together at first didn’t move, but Amanda wore that same naughty like smirk on her face.
All of a sudden she decided what to do.
Hold on a moment.
Just relax.
I’ll be right back.
She went to her dresser and opened up a drawer and Maggie saw her pull something out.
She wasn’t sure what it was.
Amanda, smiling, walked back to the bed, and as she did she said Close your eyes, alright. Hannahx vidyo chat onlayn.

Hannahx vidyo chat onlayn.
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