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You look me in the eyes and say, “I want you to cum for me.
“Those words send me over the edge, and my cocks gets so hard that it hurts.
I start to shake, and my muscles start to tighten up,as my cock starts to shoot whitehot cum deep into your pussy.
You can feel my cock shooting cum inside you and ride it hard so you can squeeze every drop of cum out of me, you want it all, and you want it now.
As you do this you look in my eyes, and mine meet yours, and as I’m cumming inside you and we lock eyes, the love that I have for you is indescribable.
That was the most intense orgasm that I’ve ever had and I’ve just shared it with the woman of my dreams.
At this point I’m the happiest man in the world.
As my orgasm wanes off, you keep me in you.
You lean over and kiss me and tell me that this Valentine’s day was better than those from your wildest dreams.
I echo the same sentiments, and we look in each others eyes and kiss passionately for a few minutes.
After that you pull off of me, and throw your arm and leg over me while you bury your head in my shoulder.
I say ‘I love you,’ and with that we pass out, completely content, and fucked silly.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist Tonight is just us, dinner and a movie Only good things we’ll discuss I search in my closet for just the right dress Not sure of my mood, should I show more or less I can‘t go wrong with a short little black shift Stockings thong and a lacy bra giving my breasts a lift We arrive at the restaurant and make our way to our spot We pass a table with two businessmen ordering quite a lot I give one a smile as he notices my dress’ deep V I love being noticed, I can’t help it, it’s just me We eat slowly our hands touching often as a waiter fills your cup Order me dessert I tell you as I excuse myself to go and freshen up I pass by the men who are still dining and seated at their table I let a hand brush one’s shoulder. Gumamelax live webcam japan sex room.
I love to flirt, stopping I am unable I enter the ladies room and go into a stall slipping off my thong This has been my plan for the evening all along Making my way back to the our table I feign a stumble and fall Both businessmen help me up, they are gentlemen after all As I regain my footing the men sit back down.
I thank them for the lift Later one will find in his pocket my very wet thong I’ve left as a gift Our dessert has arrived and I settle back down to dine Bread pudding rum sauce a favorite of mine Smiling at you a twinkle in my eye.
You know me so well I was up to something and you know I’ll eventually tell I take a bite of the delicious dessert with the spoon provided We take turns swirling the spoon taking bites, dessert now divided Grinning at you I take the spoon and lick it quite clean I let my hand drop into my lap as across the table I lean One hand my finger twirling in the plate with the dessert left My other hand disappearing under my dress I spread my legs wider keeping eye contact with you You love when I’m naughty and everything else that I do I slide the spoon between my now sticky thighs As the cold metal touches my lips I lean back my head and just sigh Holding it in my hand very tightly I push the spoon in first lightly I let out an audible gasp as I feel the spoon pass through my lips Cold metal pushing inside of me as I start to gently shift my hips I give it a twist and turn wanting it all coated and wet Feeling it inside my sticky wet coated lips pushing it in farther yet One last push and I pull out the spoon and show it to you I bring it to my mouth and give it a small lick or two Handing it over, you give it a sniff inhaling my aroma and scent I see your tongue give a taste then hand back me the spoon to you I have lent Paying our bill we get ready to go, we don’t want to be late you say The movie will start soon and I have plans for there too today I smile at the businessmen as we are leaving holding hands and kissing You glance back at the table where we sat and notice the spoon is now missing When you were not looking I slipped it into my purse as we were leaving Our night has just started I have so many more ideas for us this evening The two lovers lay bonded together after they shared their common orgasm. Kristisexxi dog fuck chat.

Kristisexxi dog fuck chat.
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