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I am delighted to see she isn’t wearing underwear, I guess they blew the budget on the dress.
Her body is a real surprise, lithe, tight and beautifully pale.
I admire her perky breasts and particularly love her slightly over ripe peach of a bum which I soon have my hands all over, her skin beautifully soft.
My desire is going through the roof, I pull her in closer to me and plant a long, sultry kiss on her painted lips.
Her hand is still doing it’s work, massaging my cock hard now, and I quickly feel the magical rush of climax.
I break off from the kiss telling Leah she is going to make me come.
Cherry is watching us intently, seemingly enjoying herself.
Wank him harder, Leah.
Touch his balls as you do, it drives him wild.
Leah does as she is told, cupping my heavy balls gently.
It does the trick and I’m nearly there.
Cherry knows the look on my face means one thing, I’m going to come any second.
He’s gonna come, Leah.
You’re going to make him come.
Get your mouth down there, swallow his load.
You’ll love it I promise. Kveilkveil tamil lesbian sex pic.
Once again Leah does as Cherry asks, and her mouth is just centimetres from my cock, she just about manages to open her mouth in time as I spill my heavy load deep inside her mouth.
To her credit, she doesn’t miss a beat, swallowing every drop before sucking me dry.
She seems to be catching on quickly.
Mmmm that’s my first taste of a man’s come, and is sure as hell isn’t going to be the last.
How many years have I wasted? I turn to Cherry, her eyes look glazed, as if not knowing how to react to what is unfolding.
I decide to push her along.
I know what I want to happen here.
You look a little overdressed, Cherry.
Don’t you agree, Leah? Definitely, way too many clothes on, why don’t you help her to get more comfortable, Craig? Cherry protests, but not too much.
I soon have her stripped down to her underwear.
Why don’t you do the honours, Leah? Take her bra and panties off.
My pleasure.
Leah wastes no time, almost ripping off Cherry’s underwear in her hurry to get her naked.
Cherry’s face is a picture.
I hope you two are happy now.
This is supposed to be about you.
It’s about you losing your virginity, Leah.
Leah looks Cherry up and down, almost in awe of her superb body.
I know, Cherry.
But I wanted to see you naked.
I want to see you to bring yourself off as you watch me riding your boyfriend’s big fat cock.
I want you to see my little pussy stretched and filled with his come.
Leah and Cherry are locked in a deep stare which seems to last an eternity, there seems to be some kind of invisible hold between them. Lisa-n-toy free solo webcam mature videos.

Lisa-n-toy free solo webcam mature videos.
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