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It looked so hot I began to stroke my prick.
John rolled off of her and pulled her to the edge of the bed.
She started humping her cunt towards him.
He moved between her legs and put his prick in her.
I could see her cunt lips hugging him and his prick pushing into her.
They both moaned.
Then she rolled over on her side and John spooned into her and kept fucking.
She raised one leg and pulled it back over his leg.
I had a spectacular view of her cunt and his plunging cock.
She looked at me with sex glazed eyes.
She started sayingJohn fuck me, John fuuuck me, John come in my cunt.
” He went into a frenzy fucking her and then he groaned and I could see his pulsing prick coming in her.
The two of you hugged tenderly and glowed in the after sex.
I moved over to the bed and knelt down in front of her freshly fucked cunt.
I began sucking her cunt and his cum dripped down my jaws.
She began humping my face and clamped her legs together trapping me at her cunt.
I kept sucking and licking.
She began her regular dirty talk.
“Suck his cum, Ohhh, Unh, I’m coming, don’t stop.
” I got up on the bed and held her while she trembled with her orgasm. Dakotawilson urdo sexxe vedio.
After a while I said to John, “What a great night we had but we needed to get back to our cottage.
” He looked disappointed but gave us naked hugs before we left.
We walked back to our cottage and immediately started having wild sex.
I asked, “Did you like fucking him, did you like me licking his cum out of you, do like our sex game?” We both came quickly and wrapped our arms around each other.
This is first chapter in my erotica series: Mark‘s Lucky Streak! (As published under a previous name, oogleking.
) As it is my first work, please keep your criticisms constructive, and enjoy! Ideas for part two -a work in progress– would be greatly appreciated either via comment or direct message.
Mark was, to say the least, bored.
He’d spent the majority of his summer playing video games in his room, – or “The Cave” as his mother had grown to call it – jacking off, working out, trying to get ass around his city, jacking off and hanging out with his best friend Caleb.
So, when he constantly complained of boredom, his mother’s and Caleb’s confusion was appalling.
You can imagine, when Caleb ran into his room screaming unintelligibly about something on that musky august day, Mark was intrigued.
Dude! This is unbelievable! Big opportunity, hurry your ass up and follow me!” Mark obliged, because in his state anything would be better than X-box and porn.
“What’s the deal?” He asked, already excited for some change in the monotony.
Just come with me and watch!” They were about five blocks away from Mark’s house when Caleb crossed the street, and jogged through the bushes of a large imposing house whose occupants Mark had never met. Martakiss southafrica zooporn.

Martakiss southafrica zooporn.
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