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My micro mini dress was a thin stretchy black fabric that showed off every curve.
I don’t have breasts but over the years developed very prominent nipples, probably from using nipple clamps so often.
Tonight I had the nipple clamps in my purse.
My nipples were getting hard and could be seen under the dress fabric.
My shoes were very bright platinum sequined 5″ heels, with ankle straps and open toes.
The toes were painted the same color of pink as my nails except I decided to paint the middle finger of my right hand a bright gold.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist My purse was a white fur shoulder strap that matched the color of my heels and it hung down to my hips.
I must admit that I set out to look like a street whore and as I stepped out of the car I was a little worried I might have over done it.
Too late to do anything now.
I applied a little more spray perfume and locked the door.
I could hear throbbing music in the all-nude club as I started walking across the parking lot. Amelyjane online sex cam private.
The video theatre has a back door to the parking lot but it was locked so I knew I would have to go to the front entrance.
To say I was excited would be a huge understatement.
I was shaking, trembling with anticipation.
This was a dangerous thing I’d decided to do.
Bad part of town.
Something bad could happen.
I shouldn‘t have worried that much.
I just followed the sidewalk around to the front, which was actually brightly lit.
The theatre entrance was about half way down the strip center.
There were guys sitting in cars with the doors open and some guys standing around the entrance to the all-nude club which was at the opposite end.
There was a lot of drinking going on I could tell, but the liquor store had closed hours ago.
I took a deep breath and told myself to stand up very very straight and present myself as what I was: a slender white sissy crossdressing slut.
My heels clicked on the sidewalk as I approached the theatre.
I walked slowly, the purse swinging and hitting my bubble butt as I moved toward the entrance.
At 5′ 9″ and 154 lbs, I would be considered tall for a girl, but I was very slender and slight so that helped a lot to make me look feminine.
My butt in particular was round and firm, my legs were shapely and looked great in spike heels.
As always, heels make a girl‘s butt stick out and the back curve.
I had gained a lot of confidence as I started the slow walk.
I heard some guys laugh and make some remarks but could not tell what they were saying.
They were all black. Matildafox www live nedu sex anrond pak.

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