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The thought of you, and her… Fuck, Kat! That’s so goddamn hot, I might blow a load just thinking about it! Okay then.
I’ll do it.
I’ll call her.
I felt my stomach flutter with excitement.
Ya, you do that, and then you tell me every single detail of what happens.
I want to hear how dirty my wife can be.
I laughed nervously.
Well, I’m gonna call her.
And I guess we’ll just see.
Well I’ll let you go.
Have a good night, Hun.
You too.
I bet you’ll have a great night.
Have fun! Okay.
I love you.
Love you too.
After I hung up with Nate, I stared at my phone for a good five minutes before I got over myself and called her.
Kat? She sounded surprised.
Hey, Lara.
My stomach was in my throat, suffocating me and making my voice sound like I’d been on a three-day bender.
Kat, I’m so sorry.
What happened the other night… I thought there was a moment.
I didn’t mean to ruin anything.
I love you – as a friend – and I’ve felt really shitty about the whole thing.
I didn’t mean to ruin anything.
No, it’s okay, Lara.
Really. Caseyandgojo xxx girls cam.
It’s okay.
I… Ummm… I’m actually calling about that.
I’m calling to tell you that, well, I, I can’t get it out of my mind.
The thought of us being together.
I can’t stop thinking about it.
I could hear her take a sharp breath in.
You mean you want to have sex? Maybe.
Do you want to come over and we can talk and just see, I guess, what happens? Okay.
I’ll be there in like a few minutes then.
See you then.
Before leaving the house I raided our wine fridge and grabbed two bottles of my favorite pinto grigio – the one we were drinking that night – the night she kissed me.
Knocking on Lara’s door, I felt awkward.
I’d never been a booty call kind of girl.
Nate was my high school sweetheart – the first and only guy I’d ever been with.
So this was a whole new experience for me.
Lara opened the door.
The first thing I noticed was that she was wearing a clingy tank top and no bra.
Her nipples poked through her shirt, teasing me.
Hey, come in.
She stepped out of the way and let me in.
I brought wine! I laughed nervously, holding up the two bottles.
Great, I’ll get some glasses.
As Lara turned to walk toward the kitchen, I stared at her ass.
She was fit, like me.
And her nice, perfectly round ass looked super sexy in her tight little yoga pants.
She was gorgeous.
That was one of the first things I noticed about her.
She was carelessly gorgeous – like she just woke up looking like a Victoria’s Secret model.
Blonde hair, stunning emerald eyes, a light dusting of freckles, and a tight little tan body. North-starlive open sex chat.

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