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After gingerly stepping into a pair of comfy white drawstring pants, he padded barefoot into his sleeping area.
Anniel stood with her back to him, holding up one of his boots, shaking her head and clicking her tongue.
Her reddish-brown hair hung in loose waves to the middle of her back and her lounging pants, similar to the ones he wore, barely clung to the supple curve of her ass.
There was a time when Zak had been extremely infatuated with her.
Who wouldn’t be? Even Devon had chrushed on her before he was old enough to have wet dreams.
Anniel was tall, all legs, curves and dark skin smooth as satin.
You know what they say about shoe size and men, he growled with a grin.
She turned with smile, batting long lashes over her green-gold-flecked light brown eyes.
They have big egos? Zak laughed and braced himself when she launched at him with a squeal of glee, and then staggered a bit when she wrapped herself around him.
The woman was almost as tall as he was and her size double D breasts were a force to be reckoned with.
Zak held her tight before leaning back to look into her eyes. Likkahot one on one erotic text chat.
He gently ran one finger over the soft curve of her face.
A little birdie told me you were still keeping to your quarters, not even coming out to train.
She snorted.
A birdie, or a blabber-mouthed, red-haired, noseybody with tattoos and piercings? I resent that! Remi growled in their heads.
Zak ignored Remi and just looked at her with a raised brow.
She huffed out a soft sigh, staring at him with a sweet pout from beneath her lashes, just before resting her head against his shoulder.
It’s just been so… hard.
Zak nuzzled his face against the silk of her auburn hair.
I know, baby.
I know.
Her baby.
He often wondered if perhaps Gareth might still be alive.
If the child hadn’t perished in the bloodshed of the war, it was possible.
After all, the child was half Seraph and their life spans were over two thousand years.
Gareth, at a little over three hundred years, would still be considered younglike Ashriel, one of the reapers’ high priests.
Anniel turned her head and pressed her lips to his cheek.
I’m okay.
We’ve been back a while now.
Nothing can change the past, right? Time to move forward.
She gave him a little smile, bracing her palms on his shoulders to look him up and down.
Well you’re looking well, Blondie.
How’re you feeling? What’s up with all this pretty hair flowin’ loose and sexy? She winked at him as she twirled a strand of his hair around one of her fingers.
Zak stared deep into her eyes for a moment.
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