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I’d had a couple of flings in college and a tryst on a business trip during our separation.
I loved how she made me feel sexually and emotionally.
It took some time for them to adjust, but they did which I was truly grateful for.
During this time, Di met a guy in college; fell in love and married soon after graduating.
She was following in my footsteps which I cautioned her about marrying so young, but my advice to wait fell on deaf ears.
I never would have guessed how close that little piece of fruit would fall from the tree.
About a year after they wed, Di and James had a little girl, Cassandra.
She became the light of my life, even though at forty-seven I felt I was too young to have a grandbaby.
My learning experience began on July fourth at a half marathon I was running.
My dating life hadn‘t been going well up to this point.
I’d sort of settled into a couple of ‘friends with benefitsrelationships thinking I was content with them.
This was until I met Claudia.
It was at the water station at mile six for me, she was running the marathon. Asian_gurl cum shot gay.
I’d seen her tight ass and glorious physique ahead of me for at least a half mile before catching her at the station.
I managed a briefhello‘ as we sipped electrolytes departing the stop.
I asked if she wouldn‘t mind if I paced her the rest of the way in.
She smiled, looked me up and down then told me she didn‘t mind at all.
We chatted the remaining distance, getting to know each other and discovering commonalities.
Claudia had an amazing body.
She was taller than me by about three inches at five foot nine, toned, and from what I could tell, the only fat on her were her breasts which weren‘t that big, but they did stand out in my eyes.
Her hair was a flaxen blonde.
She wore it in a ponytail that swished back and forth as we ran which I found very attractive.
It turned out she was one of the track coaches at the local community college.
She was running the marathon as a fundraiser for a youth group.
That’s why she was so damn fit.
By the time we finished the race, we’d covered many topics, mostly about keeping fit and running.
After we received our medals, we cooled down and stretched.
She asked if I’d like to meet her some time for coffee.
I’m not the most outgoing person in the world, I agreed, blushing a bit that she would ask this old lady out to get to know her better.
I was secretly hoping it would lead to more.
We exchanged numbers then went on our merry ways.
Claudia My life lesson began when I met Laura last July fourth while running a marathon. Onesexyangelxxx dirty sex chat rooms.

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