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Raisalove canli sex chat.
I kissed them.
There wasn’t a lot to them.
The thong really only had fabric in the front and at the crotch, so I focused on that area.
I couldn’t really tell if I was smelling Abby, or just the fabric softener or the smell of her dresser drawer.
I reached down and adjusted my throbbing cock.
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In seconds, I had my shorts and underwear at my ankles and I had wrapped the silky fabric of Abby’s thong around my cock. Deliaxx live sexy and hot chat with indian bhabhi.
It felt so good as the silky material slid across my engorged cock.
I wasn’t really thinking about what I was doing, I was just caught up in the moment, stroking away.
It didn’t take long until I was breathing heavy and shooting my hot cum out onto Abby’s floor.
When I cum, I grip my cock hard and squeeze it, then I pump it rapidly a few times and squeeze it each time it jets out of me.
Although I didn’t cum on her panties, they were wet from my pre-cum.
It was the combination of my pre-cum and the silkiness of her thong that brought me over the edge. Raisalove canli sex chat.

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