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Her outfit was designed to attract the male patrons of the bar and it was definitely working on Jimmy at that moment.
With tentative hands, he reached up and slowly untied the knot on her top.
As the ends of her top fell loose, she gasped ever so slightly and bit her lip.
She watched for his reaction as he peeled the two sides apart and pulled the top down off her shoulders and off her completely.
Maria had perfect breasts, 34C in size, but they stood high and proud and didn‘t sag a bit, and topped off with full ripe nipples that were now at full attention and begging to be kissed and sucked on.
Jimmy wasn‘t one to waste such an opportunity.
He took Maria’s wrists and held them behind her back as he pulled her forward, to straddle his lap once again.
Taking one of her ripe nipples into his mouth, he gently bit it as his tongue ran over the tip.
Maria moaned softly as she felt his teeth clamping down lightly on her sensitive bud.
She arched her back a bit, pushing her chest towards him and offering herself to him. Sweetmars cam2cam free sex chat rooms.
She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair before pulling him closer to her trying to shove more of her nipple into his hungry mouth.
Her other hand began toying with her other breast so it wouldn‘t feel left out.
But Jimmy had no intention of leaving one breast unloved.
He switched between the two stiff nipples giving each one the attention it craved.
After feasting on Maria’s throbbing nipples for a bit, he helped her to stand again.
He knew there were more treats in store for him and he was eager to sample them all.
As she stood in front of him trembling now with her need, Jimmy slipped his fingers inside the waistband of her short skirt.
He slid it slowly off her hips and down her legs, accompanied by a moan as the skirt dropped to the floor, pooling around her ankles.
He sat back for a moment, admiring this new view of her.
She was nude now, save for her pink thong panties and silver high heels.
Damn, she really is quite beautiful, Jimmy thought to himself and smiled, knowing that at least for tonight, this spectacular woman was his and his alone.
He stood and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply and passionately.
It had been a long time since he had felt the softness of a woman.
He had been out to sea and in war-ravaged areas fighting for his life in places most people can‘t even pronounce.
He had been away from anything he could call home for the past five years.
And now that he was done with the military life, it was time to start a civilian one. Sorayadee squirt cam.

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