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Hi Babe! He greeted her.
Sara turned round suddenlyalmost guiltily to face him, her back pressed close to the wall.
There was something a little.
odd about her manner, he thought but he was pleased she hadn’t overheard him talking on his mobile as she came in.
Was it a good evening? He asked her.
Did you make it? Sara looked thunderstruck but tried to act casually Mmmm? Did you make it through to the semi finals? he persisted.
Oh! Yes.
Yes we did! She sidled along towards the bedroom, her back still to the wall.
Straight sets too! It was tough though.
I’m worn out! She looked anxious, he thought.
Oh! Straight sets? So what did the two of you do for the rest of the evening? He pressed her.
we played each other.
She replied.
Actually it was very hard work.
She continued, her voice now sounding a little irritated.
You must be tired.
David suggested, hoping she would contradict him.
I’m whacked, Dave! I’m going to have a bath and go to bed.
She announced and backed out of the room.
David, unsuspecting, had followed her through to the bedroom and, as usual, had tried to interest her in a little lovemaking. Sexyxxvenus xxx raskaz.
Also as usual, he had failed.
He always failed on Thursdays and knew full well that this particular Thursday he had nothing to complain about.
But David didn’t handle rejection well.
He had gone back to the kitchen and poured himself a beer.
“Bloody Thursdays!” he fumed to himself.
“Bloody tennis! And “Bloody Sam!” He sat down on one of the kitchen stools and sulked.
There was something perverse about Thursdays.
Why was it that Sara would never have sex with him on the day he always seemed to want it most? Or, he laughed hollowly, was it really the other way round? Why did he always want it most on the day he knew she would refuse him? Well at least today there had been Paula.
Paula who had probably never said no to him in her life.
He knew he had done a bad thing today but, well if Sara never found out and it didn’t happen again.
But deep down he knew it would happen again.
David was, on the whole, happy in his relationship with Sara, especially now that things in bed had improved (apart from bloody Thursdays), but for reasons he could not understand he still could not keep his eyes, his mind and, as today had proved, his hands – off other women.
Before their holiday in Spain last year he had convinced himself he had at least part of an excuse.
After the thrill of their early months together, Sara had gradually become less interested in sex and he had found that aspect of their relationship very frustrating. Visecret exhibitionists talk on cyber webcam.

Visecret exhibitionists talk on cyber webcam.
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