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We walked around to the patio area and saw that most everyone else was already there.
Ben and Wendell were wearing knee-length bathing suits with no shirts, and their large, dark, muscular bodies were impressive.
I thought I heard Averee murmur ‘oh my’ to herself as we walked up to Ben.
He was very outgoing and gregarious, as usual.
Averee recoiled a little when Ben took her hand into his huge hand and said, Thank you so much for coming today, Averee.
Ed sure is a lucky man to have a future wife like you.
If you don’t mind me saying so, you’re a beautiful and lovely girl.
Then Ben introduced us to his wife, Bessie.
She is a big woman and over-weight, but not morbidly obese.
I guessed that she is about five feet and seven inches tall and weighs maybe two hundred pounds.
Her breasts are huge, the size of small watermelons, and her ass is big, round, and protruding, looking like two large basketballs bouncing around in her bathing suit when she moves.
Bessie was friendlier than I thought she would be, given Ben’s comments regarding her dislike of white folks. Gianni4you nbest free web cam porn site no sign up or download.
She smiled at me in a knowing way, as if she knew a secret about me.
It was apparent that Ben had already told her about my hunger for black ass.
Next, I introduced Averee to Wendell, who was there with his wife, Latoya.
She is also a big, black woman with huge tits and a big, bouncy ass.
I took Averee around to introduce her to my coworkers, and we noticed that three of the five white couples there have white/black, mixed-race children of various ages.
I couldn’t very well tell her that Ben and Wendell had likely fathered those children, so I tried to ignore it.
A little later when we were alone for a few minutes Averee asked, Did you see those interracial kids? I don’t understand how those white couples could have mixed-race children.
Do you think they adopted them, or heaven forbid that the wives were fucking black men behind their husbandsbacks? If so, how could they do something like that? I continued to ignore her questions about the kids, and we sat out by the pool to enjoy the nice, warm day.
Averee was trying to avoid the black employees so we sat at a table with Tommy, one of the white guys on my team, and his pregnant wife, Debra.
It seemed like they went out of their way to invite us to sit with them.
He had been with the company about a year longer than me, and I didn’t yet know whether Ben had tried to recruit him to be a cock sucker like me.
Ben and Wendell walked past our table and dove into the pool to cool off. Yourxanax black africafree sexyonline.

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