Betty81 s e x x xx.

Betty81 s e x x xx.
I wanted him to lock eyes on me.
But nothing of that sort happened between us.
The fantasy only played out in my mind for less than a minute as I tuned out Oliver’s droning chatter, unable to cast my eyes away from him.
Skylar kissed her friend’s cheek and gave him a hug before she took the bottle of wine out of his hand and motioned him to the kitchen where she poured him a drink.
All I could do was stare (much to my embarrassment).
The handsome stranger was dressed in a black tux, and black leather smart shoes.
He looked sexy in formal attire, but I was sure it was because he was mouth wateringly attractive underneath all that designer fabric, which was why the tuxedo looked amazing on him. Xaishax cahat random.
He had short brown hair that looked like it had been styled by a professional barber who possibly… overcharged? It seemed silly to dwell on such detail.
I was just so curious about him.
Personally, Oliver stated, I would have loved to have told that old blowfish to go screw himself.
Do you know how hard I worked on that case? He scoffed.
He calls himself a judge? The man is clearly incompetent! Goldman probably bribed him.
I bet that’s exactly what he did.
That good for nothing son of a… I could hear what he was saying, but my silent thoughts were predominantly louder.
… I see Casanova has caught your fancy, Madam, Oliver mimicked an English accent, breaking the spell I was under.
Huh? I turned my head.
He grinned and pointed in the distance.
We call him Casanova because he’s basically a ladies man.
Though, I don’t think Casanova quite fits him. Betty81 s e x x xx.

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