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I slid onto his cock and began to grind my hips into him, feeling his full length inside of me.
“Lean forward, Madison,” Mr.
Patterson demanded.
I leaned forward, my chest pressed to Mr.
Devon’s as I continued to slide up and down on his cock.
I felt Mr.
Patterson’s hands on my ass, and then his wet finger between my ass cheeks.
He spit on my tight ass, rubbing it in.
Brace yourself, baby,” warned Mr.
I felt the head of his cock pressing against my tight hole.
Slowly, he pushed inside of me.
It hurt badly, but I was ready to be filled completely by both men at once.
I rubbed my clit as I continued to fuck Mr.
Devon‘s cock with my pussy and as Mr.
Patterson kept his cock pressing into my ass.
Soon, his cock was buried inside of my ass.
I moaned, the feeling was superior.
I was completely full with two huge cocks.
Using my arms, I rocked myself onto both men’s cocks.
The new sensation of my ass being filled was completely new, and so fucking hot.
I moaned louder and louder as I continued to fuck both of their dicks. Bustyqueen cam chat coletive rooms.
Mm, fuck.
Fuck me harder,” I screamed.
At once, both men began to pound me.
I felt myself quicken.
“I’m going to cum.
Oh God, don’t stop!!” I moaned.
A few seconds later, I was cumming, squirting all over Mr.
Devon’s cock and stomach.
Patterson slowly pulled out of me and flopped onto his back.
I slid off of Mr.
Devon and followed suit, laying in between the two men, breathing heavily.
“I’m not done with you two, yet,” I smirked.
“Fuck my pussy from behind,” I told Mr.
He grinned and quickly got up.
I rolled over and he yanked my hips into position.
He slid his cock into me and began to pump his hips slowly, relishing the feeling of my tight wet pussy.
“Mmm, that‘s it,” I moaned.
I locked eyes with Mr.
Patterson and took his cock into my mouth.
Sucking slowly, making his cock wet.
I stuffed more of him into mouth until his balls were on my chin.
Devon picked up his pace, fucking me harder.
I moaned, my mouth still full with cock.
I turned my attention to Mr.
Patterson’s balls, taking them into my mouth and sucking him.
Devon squeezed my hips as he kept pounding me.
I took Mr.
Patterson into my mouth once more and kept sucking him hard.
Each time going down, I made sure he was deep in my throat.
He wound his hands into my hair and began to lift his hips off of the bed, meeting my pace.
I could tell he was close to cumming.
Devon moaned.
“I’m so close,” moaned Mr.
“Me too.
Fuck,” breathed Mr.
I continued sucking Mr.
Patterson’s cock, stroking him with every mouthful. Coupletime1 sex onlin wabcam.

Coupletime1 sex onlin wabcam.
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