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After I kissed Stan I looked at his crotch and I could tell he had a big hard on.
Larry returned with the drinks and I thanked him and took a big swig of my cosmo.
Bob stood up and excused himself as he was going to go to the bathroom.
He kind of stumbled so I said I would help him.
I linked my left arm under his right arm and escorted him down the same path Stan and I had just walked.
When we reached the bathroom, I led him to the men’s room door and told him to do his business.
He tried to kiss me, but I told him to wait for later.
I returned to the bar and sat next to Stan and took a sip of my drink.
Larry approached and said Sandy, last call do you want one more, I am cutting off your friends.
No I am fine.
I said as I still had almost a full drink.
Larry brought the bill to Stan and he signed the tab to his room and must have left a generous tip to Larry based on the reaction from the bartender when he saw the tip.
What’s your room number? I whispered in Stan’s ear.
he replied.
I told Stan I would meet him in his room in 15 minutes, but would only be able stay a little while. Ebonyxwmdssx travesti online webcam.
He left after I assured him Bob would be fine.
I kissed Stan on the cheek, thanked him again for the drinks and gave him a wink.
Larry came over and thanked me for coming in and he hoped I would come down tomorrow night too.
I leaned over the bar and gave him a kiss and told him I would get Bob up to his room.
I left the bar and headed for the hall way with the bathrooms and sure enough Bob was just walking back.
The bar is closed and Stan paid the bill and went upstairs.
I said as I approached him.
A big smile spread across his face and I half pushed him and led him back into the hallway.
I grabbed his hand and went further down the hall and saw an open door on the right.
I entered the room and found a small conference room that was very dark.
Bob followed me and I closed door leaving it only open about an inch so that a little light was in the room.
I immediately gave Bob a kiss and then went down on my knees and unbuckled his belt and undid his fly.
I pulled his cock out of his underwear and started giving him a blow job for the ages.
I went all the way down on his cock so that my lips were touching the base of his cock.
It was about a six inch cock and felt wonderful in my mouth.
My tongue was all over his love shaft as I sucked him faster and faster.
Up and down with my mouth wide open on the way down until I licked the base of the underside of his cock.
Slowly I raised my mouth and sucked in on his cock as I raised my lips up the entire length of his shaft. Dollsamantha pornos mobile nude.

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