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My heart was racing away, my hand intertwined in his, my feet reaching up on tiptoe, the heels weren’t high enough.
My body was struck with the anguish of a long ignored desire, and I could feel it in him too, our kiss was transitioning from one of tender care to something quite different.
The passionate heat between us was flaring up, and I felt his hand at my waist begin to stray, trailing up to cup my breasts in his large palms.
An apologetic axe came crashing down and split between us, shattering the world of our kiss.
We fell apart, and it was the pretty boy I saw earlier in the morning, rather embarrassed and obviously intent on getting into the bathroom we were blocking. Vipviky camrasex com.
Ah, said Daniel, turning beet-red.
Looking at him I felt my cheeks glow too, and he was so cute, what guy blushes when another guy catches him kissing a girl? We moved out of his way, I caught the boy looking at me with a strange sort of interest; normally I would interpret that sort of look as flirtatious, but in this situation? I was too preoccupied with Daniel.
Uhh let’s go to lunch, said Daniel, smiling at me.
He took my hand again and we walked out of the store.
I was reliving that kiss over and over again and my heart wouldn’t stop, badump, badump, badump, on and on, was I the only one that could hear that fast drumbeat? I looked at my watch and it was 12 o’ clock exactly.
If you liked the beginning of this story, keep checking for the 2 remaining parts: A Day at the Bookstore: The Afternoon, and, A Day at the Bookstore: Good Night. Helgafox free live low quality sex videos.

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