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Krissy000 one to one cams.
I soon had Jaq lying on her back, panties around her ankles, high heels in the air and was licking her big wet juicy pussy.
I just caught a glimpse of Jimmy in the bushes from the corner of my eye, when I told Jaq she had her first orgasm.
Jaq was really enjoying herself and was soon on her knees releasing my swollen cock from my jeans.
Jimmy was getting a little bolder now and had moved a little closer, I beckoned him over and he nervously approached us.
After watching Jaq sucking my cock for a while I noticed Jimmy had his cock out and was stroking it as he watched, Jaq waved him nearer and took his cock in her hand and began to stroke him while she sucked my cock.
I think Jimmy had lost his nerves by now and was enjoying his trip to the woods.
Jaq soon turned her attention to Jimmy, releasing my cock from her mouth and sucking on Jimmy’s cock and cupping his young swollen balls.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist Poor Jimmy did not last long and was soon announcing that he was about to cum, Jaq released his cock just in time for Jimmy to lose his load over Jaq’s pretty face, it was a huge load and was dripping from her chin onto her dress. Arintta saudi porno on cam.
Jimmy was very apologetic but we told him not to worry, Jaq announced that as soon as jimmy was ready she wanted us to spitroast her.
Jimmy was ready again very quickly and was soon sporting another hard-on.
Jimmy was similar in size to myself but Jaq decided that Jimmy would fuck her married pussy while she sucked my cock.
We soon had Jaq in position, just imagine the sight, Jaq on her knees, no panties with her stockingclad legs and high heels.
Jaq indicated for jimmy to get behind her, I watched as he knelt behind her and slowly began to insert his young cock into her wet swollen married pussy as I looked on.
Jaq was getting a little loud as the young cock hammered in and out of her pussy, to keep her quiet I pushed my swollen cock into her mouth.
The scene must of been amazing.
Unfortunately , no one else was around to witness the scene.
Jimmy was really fucking Jaq hard, pushing her onto my cock making her gag.
After a while, Jimmy tensed up and shot his second load of the day into Jaqs married pussy, at the same time I shot my load into my wife‘s mouth watching as some seeped from her mouth.
Jimmy thanked us both and said that it was the most thrilling thing he had ever done.
Jaq pulled her panties back on and we made our way back to the car, Jaq always put her panties back on afterwards to stop the cum leaking from her used pussy. Krissy000 one to one cams.

Krissy000 one to one cams.
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Krissy000 one to one cams.
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