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Uummm, you feel so good Noah, I whispered in his ear.
Oohh yes, your body feels good too, he said as he pushed back into me.
You want to forget the dive and dive into bed instead? I asked snickering.
Don’t tempt me.
But I really want you to see the reef.
It’s magnificent Kenny, he said softly.
Okay…Okay… I concede, I said laughing and slowly releasing him.
Noah stopped the boat and released the anchor.
He turned to me and said, Kenny, our gear is in the salon. Dreamon007 live free totally nude no sign up online cams.
Come on, let’s head down and get ready so we can get in the water.
Time’s a wastin’.
We enter the salon and I saw he had two depth gauge/watch combinations.
Two knives, two weight belts and two pair of fins there on the table.
Behind him I saw the tanks and regulators along with the masks and snorkels.
He pulled of his t-shirt and his manly well-defined smooth chest and six pack abs were now on display.
I involuntarily licked my lips.
He leaned over to me, Your turn Kenny, let’s see what you got under that shirt, he said laughing.
I quickly removed my shirt and my own chest came into view, covered with black hair, and I also had a hard six pack. Lerinni is there an incest webcam chat.

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