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I also have a well-kept mustache and freckles galore.
I work out on Saturdays at the gym, so I’m pretty well built.
I grab the Italian flag-colored pizza bag and slide out of the car.
I stand up and arch my back, hearing a few satisfying pops.
I close the door and walk around the car, stepping up onto the sidewalk.
I look at the piece of paper in my hand and glance up at the house number, 629.
This is Pine, so I’m at the right place.
I jog up a few steps to get to the door and ring the doorbell.
A couple of locks slide and the wooden maroon door opens inward, revealing a gorgeous woman.
She stands only to my shoulders, with flowing auburn hair that rests on her ass behind her.
Her skin is tan, but appears velvety soft.
She dons a pair of cyan yoga pants that show her excellently toned legs and nothing but a sports bra on top, curving around her perfectly sized breasts.
She looks up at me with her olive colored eyes and smiles.
“I have a Large Carnivore’s Pizza for one Mrs.
” “That would be me.
” “There are also two 2 liters of Mountain Storm. Kellynice2020 www mobil sex vedeo com.
” “Yes.
That should be all I ordered.
” “It is.
That will be $16.
” “Come on in.
” She turns around and walks back into her house.
Her hair flips seductively and her ass stares at me, swaying as she walks.
I can‘t help but stare back at it.
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.
” “There’s no harm in it, I don’t bite.
” “Ma’am,” I choke up, “Please don’t do this.
” “Oh okay.
But quit staring at my ass.
” She comes back about a minute with 2 $10 bills and a note on top.
I hand her the pizza and bottles of pop and she hands me the money and note.
Keep the change, cutie.
” She closes the door and I’m left on her porch, eyes open wide.
I look down and read the note.
Call me after your shift.
Chelsea I head back to the car and drive back to work, the note tucked away safely in my pocket.
“Good job, everybody.
I’m proud of how you all have improved.
Have a 2 liter of your choice, on the house,” Spinelli offers.
The shop is closed, but all of the employees are still there.
It’s our monthly staff meeting and they always go good.
We all grab a 2 liter and thank Spinelli before we leave.
Sitting in my car, the note is burning a hole in my pocket.
I pull it out and grab my flip phone.
I enter the number and hear the familiar ringing.
On the second ring, someone picks up.
Hello? Is this that cute delivery boy?” a woman asks.
Yeah, this is he.
” “Oh good.
Come over to my house.
I still have some pizza and pop left over and I need someone to share it with.
“I don’t know if-” “Oh come on, please?” I consider the offer. Sharon292 no sign up sex cam mobile free.

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