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Keyaron figured that if maybe Cedric wasn’t so tied up in being mad at him maybe he might start seeing the signs.
But then again, maybe he just had to drop it a little more plain and simple.
Those sort of words never came all that easy.
At least not unless it was a bitch he was chatting up.
Cedric’s body was lean against him, pulled in hard by a heavier weight of his arm.
Keyaron kept him close for the moment, risking whatever might come so he could feel a little of that warmth.
He realised he could feel Cedric’s lean form trembling, and worked out that he was colder than him.
He dropped his voice to that low tone he sometimes used with the girls, hardly without realising.
That warm you up ok? Cedric nodded a little in reply.
Maybe he was pissed for him getting them thrown out of the party.
It was a lot warmer in there.
Keyaron’s mind was still in the same place it had been after they had hit the pavement.
His chances with the girls were blown for the night.
Best find somewhere quiet to spend some time with his boy.
Not that he got that way too often, but it was good to fall back on, if he could pull it. Maybeer1 hardcore webcam sex chatrooms.
Bit of a fuckindrunk I guess, Keyaron conceeded.
It had meant to come out like an apology of sorts, but it hadn’t made it that way.
Pretty fucked up we gotta stash up here the night.
It occurred to Keyaron why they had ended up here, rather than any number of other places.
The realisation was almost as cold as the temperature.
He tried to think of a place that he hadn’t got them thrown out of lately, or someone he hadn‘t pissed off.
Just another fight, another tresspass.
Another broken friendship.
But Cedric was still at his side, so shit wasn‘t that bad.
Not that Cedric was going to leave him.
Keyaron didn‘t dwell on the blinding moment of clarity too long before he realised he was getting a bit warmer down in his jeans.
His mind was too lodged on sex not to feel the effects of Cedric this close to him.
The half embrace had never been so innocent that he wasn’t thinking of everything that could come of it.
We’ll be cool, said Keyaron, that quiet, smooth tone touching his voice again.
Ain’t that long till morninanyway, nigga.
We can keep warm.
Keyaron wondered if that last part might clinch it, but he felt nothing back from it.
He was starting to feel a real reason to be pissed now, and pulled his bandanna up over his face with his spare hand.
He took his arm back from Cedric’s hard, lanky shoulders to tie it a little tighter, but the sensation in the pit of his gut, and the warm, pleasant feelings in his groin made sure it was only a brief moment away. Vel23911 adult cam chat no sign up.

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