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From the second the kids had been dropped off until they walked into the hotel room both Sally and James found themselves with wandering hands.
Small touches as they drove to the hotel, a stroke of his hand as he changed gears, a brush against Sally’s legs as he went to adjust the radioSally’s thoughts where suddenly brought back into the now as she heard footsteps on the stairs.
Already her breathing had increased somewhat and her arms tingled a little.
She had no idea how long she had really been there for as once James had slid on that blind fold she had lost all sense of time around her.
James walked down the steps of the hotel room as quietly as he could.
He didn’t want to give away what he was up to.
Since arriving he had tied up Sally in her hot little leather outfit then carried the bags up stairs leaving her alone.
Upstairs he had taken his time knowing that every second he left Sally tied up down stairs.
The more she would become turned on with the expectation of what could or could not happen next to her.
He had planned on staying up stairs for some time drawing it all out but it was only minutes before his own yearning took control. Dedeandnick face to face nude video chat for teens.
James’s mind was racing about what was about to happen, so much had seemed to change over the last couple of weeks and he had been loving every second of it.
Now it was time to really enjoy his ‘newwife in the way she had confessed to fantasies about for some time.
His eyes were drawn to Sally’s hands tied against the hand railing as he walked down seeing more and more of her.
The black nylon rope he had bought held her tightly where she stood unable to resist the position he had left her in less than five minutes ago.
Her wedding ring seemed to sparkle in the light of the hotel room, seeming so out of place to the situation the was revealing itself to him as step by step he walked to the bottom of the hotel room stairs.
Once at the bottom of the stairs James used all his selfcontrol not to approach her, instead he sat down on the chair opposite the stairs and run his eyes over his wife.
He had never seen her in anything like this before and was still unsure if he believed his eyes.
He wanted to enjoy the sight, take it all in, marvel at his wife’s amazing curvy body now on show for him.
The leather corset he had bought only a couple of weeks ago fitted Sally perfectly.
He had on purpose bought a size too small for her making the corset compress and push her breasts upwards making them bulge out of the top of the leather corset.
The silver zipper that ran down the length of the leather corset must have been under so much tension hugging her body and caressing her curves. Wetdione free live camera girls.

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