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She could not help herself and her hands moved to both of her hard erect nipples and upon her immediate touch, the spasm hit her.
Summer saw Krista’s reaction and braced herself for the aftermath.
Summer was ready.
As soon as Krista’s orgasm hit, she knew that more fluid would flow and she intended on giving Krista what Krista had given her.
She watched for the exact moment.
It was not hard to tell either.
As Krista touched her nipples, Summer watched her pussy pulse, her clit come out of hiding, and waited for the moment.
Krista sighed hard and Summer knew the moment had come.
On that sigh, Krista’s pussy contracted inside and as she let out the breath, the liquid began to flow and Summer covered Krista’s pussy with her mouth.
Another jolt hit Krista and the orgasm continued with the help from Summer.
Krista could not stop it.
Summer had teased her too much and now that she was down on her, her orgasm kept going.
Summer’s mouth on her hot sexual vertical smile made her wince and gasp in pure pleasure. Hottracey chaturbate olka.
Summer’s first taste of pussy was more than she had imagined; not that she imagined it all that much.
Summer never fathomed that the taste would be so decadent and delightful.
It was as if Summer had placed her mouth over a hot custard and began to slurp the juicy sweetness.
As she sucked on Krista’s partition, she wondered if she tasted as Krista.
She knew what she would do when she was alone! Krista felt her orgasm go on for what felt like forever.
She felt as if Summer was prolonging her orgasm, begging her for more, but she knew it was just her body that was in heaven.
Krista had never had an orgasm with any of her girlfriends back home like the one she was receiving from Summer.
Krista thought to herself, For someone not to know how to please a girl, she sure knew what she was doing.
She knew it was only coming natural to Summer.
Summer knew she wanted more than just her lips on Krista’s sweet spot, so she finally gave in and inserted her tongue inside Krista’s sexual place of entry.
As far as she could, Summer inserted her tongue and tasted the pliable walls of Krista’s excited core.
Hot and moist, soft and supple, Summer swirled her tongue around inside, tasting all Krista had to give.
Krista felt Summer’s tongue inside her hot canal and that was more than she bargained for.
Suddenly, one last jolt came and as it culminated upon Summer’s tongue, Krista felt her vaginal muscle grip it.
Krista did not utter a word or sound, she could only sigh heavily and let the feelings of passion envelope her body. Xmichelkorsx local webcam nudes.

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