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Alenalovelyxx pakstan sexgirl.
Removed from his own will he could do nothing but watch as she seduced herself with his body.
With his body under her will he exploded, his cum like a fountain spread over her stomach, he could only watch as she gathered it with her hands and licked every bit from them.
He woke from the sound of his own voice, begging her for more.
Offering his soul in return for her touch, his body wet and cold from the sweat that covered him, aching for what she was. Vasy187 gay chat free no login.
He knew soon she would own him, the fear rising in him, yet he knew it was now his destiny! He would wait for her next return, long for her next return! As the dreams grew stronger, more vivid with each new encounter, the hunger within him grew, he could no longer put her out of his mind, his body ached for her touch.
The only touch that seemed to soothe his mind his body and his soul.
Only giving him a sip of her when she came, just a hint of the power that she held in her body.
He lived for those moments ever begging her for more! Some nights were to much, he would find others to ease his needs. Alenalovelyxx pakstan sexgirl.

Alenalovelyxx pakstan sexgirl.
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