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I gave a little body jerk and tensed at his actions.
This was a first for me and I was a bit shocked but he held the foot firmly in place and kept up the slow lazy sucking.
Once again I willed myself to relax, which did not take too long as the sensations seemed to wash over me and I concentrated on what his tongue was doing to me.
While his strong hands massaged my foot, the persuasive lips and tongue sucked, nibbled and licked at my little toe.
Then he moved onto the next toe and the next until I felt I was going to pass out from the delicious sensation.
Since he was not lying on top of me now, I was free to move and boy did I squirm in appreciation. Chanelsweet ipad free live chat sex.
There was no need for words as I panted and groaned as if in pain, all the while thinking he must never stop doing this to me.
My left foot was wet and slippery in his hands and when he had given it enough attention, he set it down and picked up my right foot and repeated the whole horny foot kissing session all over again.
I did not think I could take another minute of daddy‘s tongue on my toes, but I felt he was just buttering me up for the main event.
My right foot had turned to jelly after he had worked on it long enough and he began to run his lips and wet tongue up and down the back of my legs.
He was so gentle as his hands followed his lips every step of the way.
The almost feathery light touches on my skin were soothing while the warmth of his mouth sent heightened sexually arousing sensations to my brain.
The back of my knees became the next point of call for his heat inducing tongue and who knew it would feel just fucking awesome. Bubukiska www freemalechat com.

Bubukiska www freemalechat com.
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Bubukiska www freemalechat com.
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