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Marge would certainly be out for blood.
She paced.
Living room, dining room, family room—back to the living room.
It seemed like hours until the mower finally stopped.
Holly went up to her bedroom and looked out the window at the pool.
After a minute she saw Jack, shirtless, his shorts hanging low on his waist.
He approached the pool with the water test kit and the long handled skimmer.
As he squatted on the apron to begin testing the water his hair glittered and his skin glowed in the noon sun.
The sight made her nearly crazy with desire for him.
She knew she must be insane to go out to the pool in nothing but a T-shirt—but she did.
A light blue T-shirt that snugged but barely covered her ass.
Her determined barefoot steps toward the pool set her breasts to jiggling like Jello in a sack.
She felt wonderfully exposed and reckless.
Hello, Jack! she said as she approached.
The air seemed furnace-hot after the cool house.
She walked across the apron and stood beside him, her crotch at his eye level.
She wondered how much he could see, because he stared at the hem of the shirt a long moment before he looked up. Wildgurl4u www live cam real love xxx.
The blue of his eyes was as clear as the water in the pool.
Twice as deep.
Is the water okay? she said.
I’m dying to jump in.
Jack stood.
He was half a head taller than Holly.
He looked down at her strangely.
It tested good, he said.
She heard a tremor in his voice.
The chlorine’s right, and the, uh, the acidity is on the button.
Wonderful! She thought she sounded breathless.
I’m going in.
You can join me if you want.
Jack didn’t respond.
He kept looking at her strangely.
Holly strode to the deep end and jumped into the water.
She felt the T-shirt float on the surface an instant before she sank.
It gathered at her ribs just under her breasts.
Her ass was glaring white between the tan skin of her waist and thighs.
She left it exposed as she swam under water towards Jack, wanting to give him a good view.
When she came to the surface just beyond him, she found the bottom and stood.
She pushed back her hair slowly, letting him ogle her breasts in the wet cotton.
She tugged the T-shirt down to her thighs and said, Do you want to come in, Jack? My god, she thought, the boy’s speechless.
He continued to stare, mouth agape, eyes wide with wonder.
His cheeks glowed like new apples and she could see his arousal.
Holly felt a surge of power.
She felt like a predator, a tawny cougar poised to pounce.
Jack’s mouth opened and closed dumbly before he spoke.
You want me to come in, Mrs.
Gordon? The words croaked out, as though his voice hadn’t changed. Camerontaner sex voices cams chat live.

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