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He was walking by, but did a doubletake as he glanced down and saw Madelyn.
She stared at the bulge in his speedo as he looked her naked body up and down.
Madelyn lay there, feeling vulnerable and wondering whether to say something or just pretend she was asleep.
She decided to pretend, figuring he’d move on.
Instead, he looked around and quietly took a step closer.
Madelyn’s heart raced.
The man lowered himself into the pit and kneeled next to her.
Madelyn focused on making her breathing sound deep and even.
Her heart was pounding and she could smell his skin.
It was a sexy, intoxicating aroma of sun, pheromones and the salty ocean. Reginamoon sex lesibiane xvideo.
She felt dampness between her legs and her nipples tingled.
He noticed her nipples hardening, because he reached out his hand and gently rubbed one between his fingers.
Madelyn tried not to gasp.
His finger then slowly reached down and swiped between her legs.
It came back glistening.
The man licked his finger thoughtfully while gazing at her body.
Madelyn frantically wondered what to do – should she sit up and slap him? Should she continue pretending to be asleep? The shock gave her a slow response time, but arousal and curiosity made her hesitate until the moment seemed lost.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist As her inhibitions faded, Madelyn wondered how far would he actually go with her if she didn‘t move? She was unattached, in a country where no one knew her; he was sexy and exotic and smelled good.
She was wet with anticipation. Cutenichole desi video chat.

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