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Our mouths opened and our tongues swirled.
My hands roamed down her naked back to her bare butt.
I gave each cheek a light slap and pulled her tightly against me so she could feel my stiffening cock pressing against her.
We stood that way for about a minute before breaking our embrace.
“Hmm, much better,” she said.
I finished my glass of wine as Teresa fried the eggplant pieces and then put them on paper towels to soak up any excess oil.
When she was about to assemble the dish I walked up behind her, untied the apron string from around her waist and put my hands on her hips.
“Don’t mind me,” I said.
“I’m just watching you cook. Bad_ass milf cam free mobile.
” As she laid out a layer of eggplant in the bottom of the baking dish I slowly ran my hands up and down her sides.
As she spread out some of the ricotta mixture I reached up under the apron and cupped her breasts in my hands.
Ohhh,” she gasped and momentarily froze.
When she ladled out a layer of sauce I rubbed and pulled at her nipples with my fingers.
Her hands were trembling as the next layer of eggplant went down and my hands went over her chest and belly.
As more of the ricotta mix went down my hands slid down the insides of her thighs.
And as more sauce was ladled out my right hand cupped and rubbed her moist pussy.
“Mmm,” she purred.
As Teresa slowly put the top later of eggplant and a topping of Parmesan cheese on the dish, my left hand played with her breast as my right rubbed up and down her pussy lips.
Her mound was smooth, her juices sticky under my probing fingers. Firegirlbdsm singles lifecam sex free.

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