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Swish, a keen stoke hit his left cheek, Aaarg, he yelled and his hand covered his bum.
Eleven strokes, was all mum said.
Swish, swish, swish, the cane flew through the air but Jack stayed still, with just a cry of pain after each stroke hit home.
Mum put her hand on the muscle of Jack’ thigh to part them a little more and her fingers lingered on the base of his cock and balls as she stepped back.
The last four strokes, Jack, then your punishment will be over. Vongadiane www realgirlsporno com.
Swish, swish, two more landed on top of previous tram lines and Jack yelled out.
Mum moved back into position, swish, swish, she landed two strokes on top of each other at the top of his thighs.
Jack leapt up and his hard on swung around, much to his embarrassment.
Keep that thing under control, mum shouted, Bend over again.
Swish, she landed another in the same spot but despite a cry of pain he remained in place.
Stand up and face me, mum instructed.
My eyes were locked on his enormous erect cock as he turned past me to face my mother.
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