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She has no control over herself what so ever, almost instantly she parted her lips and stuck her tongue out to lick James’s erect cock as she so wanted, needed to taste him.
As soon as her tongue touched the head of his cock she could feel how hard he was.
Not only did he feel harder then she had felt him in a long time but she could also taste his pre-cum on the end of him, so much so it had formed a drop on the end of his cock which was quickly licked up by Sally’s ravenous tongue.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist Still with her hands tied up above her the only thing Sally could do was submit to the rock hard cock that she could now feel against her tongue.
James lightly rocked his hips forward and with ease slid inside her wet mouth giving no opposition to what he was doing what so ever.
James still trying to stay in control as much as he could let slip a soft moan as he could feel the warmth of Sally’s wet mouth surround his hard cock.
Hearing James moan only encouraged Sally more. Cutyilyn chatrandom chat sex boy gay.
She wanted to resist, she wanted to not give into him but for what seemed like forever she had been on edge and she hand no control over here desires any more.
Opening her mouth as wide as she could she leaned forward straining against the ropes as she engulfed James’s cock as much as she could.
As she did she could feel the way he somehow, almost impossibly became harder as his cock slid deeper into her mouth.
She could feel almost half of his manhood inside of her mouth which was normally as far as she would take him.
But things had changed and she no longer wanted to be that sweet wife but more the uncontrollable slut that had been screaming inside of her to be released.
Sally forced herself onto his cock straining to widen her jaw as far as she could as she took his cock deeper than she ever had before.
James watched and almost started to pull away as Sally slipped further and further down the length of his cock.
He could not believe what was happening and almost had to make a double take to make sure this woman on her knees in front of him really was his wife.
Inch by inch his cock slid deeper into Sally’s mouth with almost no resistance at all, the feeling was amazing building up inside of him as the pleasure just increased more and more as his hard cock disappeared into his wife’s willing mouth.
Sally could feel James’s cock deep in the back of her throat.
Never before had she taken him that deep and she was loving it.
Sally could feel how hard James had become, so hard it felt like he would explode uncontrollably. Kostya236 lesbian sexting chat rooms.

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