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It was a long journey.
It felt good.
He turned to his right to let the water wash away more suds and, to his horror, realized he was being watched again.
Leaning against the frosted glass partition was Paula.
She was watching him closely, her arm raised, her legs crossed, his discarded shorts in her right hand.
David felt very embarrassed, but Paula appeared unmoved.
Looking him straight in the eye, she raised her hand and pressed his used shorts to her nose.
She inhaled deeply and threw them aside.
I love the smell of a big, strong man.
She said huskily, laughing at her own words as she spoke.
David’s automatic reaction was to try and cover himself with his hands.
Realizing the futility of this, he turned and smiled sheepishly at her, his erection now huge and very obvious.
Paulie! What are you doing in here.
? He hissed.
Paula said nothing but, lowering her hand from her face, crossed her arms over her tummy and, grasping the hem of her crop top, peeled it slowly and sexily up and over her head.
Her eyes never left his as she posed provocatively in a bursting white bra over her short blue skirt. Hotsexxxmate usa webcam gay chat.
David felt the weight of his erection straining to remain upright.
He made to grab it with his right hand then, realising what that would look like, fumbled with the soap instead.
Paula laughed at his clumsiness and, thrusting her chest towards him, deftly unfastened the clasp of her brassiere behind her back, letting the straps slip over her smooth brown shoulders to be cast aside.
Her full, round, all-over-tanned breasts broke free, their large dark nipples standing proud and erect.
David felt his cock throbbing as the hot water beat down unnoticed on his wet back.
She sauntered towards him, her eyes still fixed on his until their faces were merely inches apart.
He craned his neck forwards, his lips seeking hers, but Paula backed off teasingly just beyond his reach and dropped to her knees until her face almost touching his huge erection.
The hot water of the shower beat down on her face and hair, running in streams down her back as she raised her right hand.
She looked up at David, a broad smile on her lips and without a word, took the swollen head of his cock into her mouth.
It filled her face, its girth stretching her cheeks and as she dipped her head forward, barely half of its length had entered her mouth before David felt its head strike the back of her throat.
He moaned with pleasure as she pulled her head back, kissing him on the smooth round tip.
You’ve not got any smaller in the last three years, Dave! Lalinkax video chat ruletka.

Lalinkax video chat ruletka.
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