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His cock felt amazing in her tight space.
Kevin continued to pleasure Clara’s pussy with his tongue.
She came several times while he enjoyed her sweet peach.
Let’s change places and you can ride his face now.
It’s my turn to make love with him.
The girls changed places and Agatha squatted down on his face.
Kevin licked her folds and pushed his tongue straight up into her pussy.
She moaned and orgasmed on his face.
Clara positioned herself down on his cock and rode him hard.
It didn’t take long for Kevin to come.
And just like it happened before, the girls disappeared into the night.
They were no longer in his bedroom. Naughtytits24 animal porn.
Kevin had enough sex for the evening.
He passed out and didn’t wake again until morning.
When he woke up, there were six women waiting for him.
They danced naked in his room waiting for him to wake.
Wake up sleepy head.
We’ve been waiting for you.
You’ve paid for our company and if you turn us away, we’ll lose our jobs.
Let us do our jobs now.
Kevin rubbed his eyes and noticed he was hard as a bat again.
The women pulled his sheets down and made a circle around him.
Each of them took a turn sucking on his dick.
Once they had a turn, they all climbed on top of his body and pushed his dick into their cunts.
They rocked their hips and fucked him.
Every girl had a turn.
The last girl was the lucky one who was able to get a load of his cream inside of her.
Again, after he came they all disappeared.
Kevin went into the shower and another ghostly image pulled the curtain and stepped into his shower. Novikatia naughty sex chat live free.

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