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Old_sly_fox mashulya29.
She never thought she would say this to herself, but she wanted to touch Krista’s pussy.
She wanted more of a taste of Krista’s pussy than what she had had on her lips when Krista had kissed her.
Summer was ready to taste Kristaas Krista had tasted her.
She was beginning to long for it.
Summer was now ready for her next move.
Krista lied there while she felt Summer move up her legs.
Summer began caressing, rubbing, and feeling her legs.
The feel of Summer’s fingertips moving across her legs sent tingles of passion through her whole body.
Krista sighed heavily as Summer ran her hands up her shins to the bottom of her knees and back down again.
She loved the way Summer was paying attention to both her legs, not just one.
Summer was giving both of them equal treatment.
Summer reeled in the feeling of how soft and smooth Krista’s legs were.
Krista’s skin felt wonderful underneath her fingertips.
Summer stroked Krista’s lower leg and listened to the sounds that escaped her lips.
Summer could tell that Krista was enjoying it. Dirtyanalgirl live sex indian chat room free without giving sing up.
Summer then wondered if she should dare go hire in a teasing motion.
On the inside, Summer was ready.
So, in a very light touch, Summer moved her hand higher, this time, above Krista’s knee.
As she did, she felt the shudder of Krista’s body and heard the moan of delight exit her lips.
Summer knew she was on the verge of making Krista spread her legs.
And she was ready for it.
Summer had a perfect view of Krista’s mound of venus while she massaged Krista’s legs, but she was ready to see the stimulated result.
Summer’s fingers lingered above Krista’s knee, forming circles in slow motion.
Summer was teasing Krista and it was working.
Summer would first tease Krista’s right leg, feeling the smooth soft skin of her upper leg, then do the same to Krista’s left.
Both of Krista’s legs felt the same to Summer; soft and supple and extra smooth.
Krista was trying her hardest to keep her legs together, but it was becoming a chore.
She was trying to make Summer work for the inevitable and she was doing the best she could, but she felt herself wanting to spread her legs and reveal her moistened slit.

Somehow, Krista found the control to keep her legs together until she felt the moment happen.
She would not even have to force herself to open them.
When the moment happened, her body would respond in the correct manner.
Summer continued her teasing trek up Krista’s legs further.
It caused her to lean into Krista’s body more, causing her face to reach Krista’s level.
Krista’s legs were still together, but Summer could see the beginning of Krista’s pussy. Old_sly_fox mashulya29.

Old_sly_fox mashulya29.
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