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Jack continued to use the exfoliating cloth to cleanse his lover.
He opened cloth, brought it once again to a thick lather.
Jack spread the cloth across Ellen’s slender thighs and proceeded to wash her left leg from her crotch to her toes and then back up to the crack of her ass.
Jack moved the cloth to her right leg and continued his work.
As he finished her legs Jack stood up and turned Ellen around to face him and pulled her tight to him as he passionately kissed her.
Ellen returned his passionate kiss, pushing herself into him, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock rubbing against her; its huge head pushing up against the underside of her breast. Alexis7squirt jazmin chat.
Jack dropped to one knee in front of her and returned to washing her legs; first the left leg and then her right leg.
When he had finished bathing her legs moved his soapy cloth to where she wanted it the most.
Jack carefully started to wash her now tender and well-fucked pussy.
Her pubic hair had been matted with sweat, vaginal lubricant, and the semen of two men.
Her labia and clitoris were red and swollen from the hours of intercourse with men that were hung with cocks magnitudes larger than her husband’s manhood.
Jack washed the dry cum way from her pubic hair.
He carefully ran the wash cloth across her pussy.
He worked his way back underneath her legs and thoroughly washed her ass.
Ellen’s head was swirling with the sheer pleasure of his pampering.
Just when Ellen thought that Jack was done bathing her, he started to shampoo her long hair.
He massaged her scalp and worked the shampoo through the entire length of her hair. Aleksaozlove russische sex cam.

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