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Suddenly, to his delighted astonishment, David felt his throbbing cock slide its nearly its full length into her eager mouth, deep into her throat until his balls almost touched her chin and his pubic hair brushed lightly against her nose.
She noisily gasped but didn’t flinch.
He began long, slow strokes, deep into Paula’s throat, driving his head past her teeth, past her tongue and, as it felt, deep into her chest, which visibly heaved with every thrust.
His body trembled with the excitement of this totally new sensation but he knew it couldn’t last long.
Sure enough, after only half a dozen strokes, a red-faced and panting Paula pulled her face from his groin and sat back on her ankles, spat onto the shower’s water-running floor and grinned up at him.
My turn now, Dave! Don’t be selfish ! Standing up unsteadily so that her head reached his chest, she took his hand and pulled him towards a wide, low wooden bench in the middle of the changing room floor.
Dripping water, she quickly scooped all David’s clothes off the bench and onto the floor before turning around and lying on her back in front of him. Tylerr9 free live camz.
She grinned as David knelt between her legs, grasping her soft, tanned knees in her hands and pulling them high and wide apart.
Her wet blue skirt fell back onto her stomach, an absence of panties boldly presenting David with her wet, neatly trimmed, already engorged vulva.
He placed a hand under each of her buttocks and lowered his head.
At the first touch of his mouth, Paula’s whole body jumped as if from an electric shock.
David drew his tongue, wide and flat, across her outer lips, the slightly metallic taste bringing a shiver to his spine.
He remembered Paula’s taste well.
He felt her short, wiry pubic hairs under his tongue and breathed her musk deeply.
God! Paula was all sex.
He began to work the tip of his tongue inside her puffy outer lips and, helped by her rising excitement, parted them to find her salty inner core.
She gasped and pulled her legs open wider as his tongue delved deeper between her inner lips and into her moistening vagina.
Long and stiff, David worked his tongue in little circles around the rim of Paula’s tight opening, listening to her purrs of delight before spreading her lips with his fingers, plunging his tongue deeper within her then pulling back and seeking her clitoris.
Paula began to pant as he expertly found her swollen nib and licked it with the flat of his rough tongue in short jerky strokes before lifting its hood and licking the underside with the flat of his tongue. Angel77707 webcam sex live camples.

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