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She took my middle finger and moved it and there was a tight hole and she pushed my fingertip at it and said Put your finger in me.
I pushed and I felt the wet warmth of a woman gripping my finger.
Keep pushing it in and out and don’t stop ‘till I tell you.
My finger went right in all the way and when it came out of the hole it was wet.
The more I did it the wetter she got and then she put her own fingers in her hairs and started stroking.
Her other hand reached down and was feeling my cock, stroking and feeling it. Yuicypussy mobile ero video.
Her fingers were really soft and gentle and not like mine when I jerked it off or Uncle Reg when he made me cum.
Her hand stopped feeling in her hairs and she took my finger out.
Get between my legs.
Hurry Teddy.
I knelt between her spread legs and I could see she was all puffy and a bit open from my finger.
She took my cock and pulled it to her and I felt the very tip of my knob as she moved it up and down her slit and I got all slippery from her.
She held it still and said, Push.
Keep pushing.
Don’t stop pushing.

It was incredible.
My cock went straight in.
I felt this wet warm tightness all around my dick.
Her hips pushed at me and I pushed back.
Keep pushing in and out.
Please don’t stop Teddy.
Her hips were lifting and pushing and I couldn’t get my push at her right and my dick came out.
PUT IT BACK she shouted and grabbed it and held it so my cock would go in her hole again. Catya_love hot girlfriend webcam.

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