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There was another motor.
The seat was split into two parts, right and left.
The second motor adjusted how far apart the occupant’s knees were.
You could bring them right together, or spread then fairly far apart.
The motors were controlled with what is known as a pendant switch.
This is a box with two switches on it, on for each motor.
The box is at the end of a short cable, so that the operator may take it to any handy place around the chair.
The whole thing ran off of regular wall power, just plug it in and you’re ready to go.
By the time that Kat and I found out about its existence, it had already starred in a couple of X-rated bondage movies. Lorenahotsexy free cam sex no register.
Interest was high, and Andy was giving thought to marketing the chair, building and selling copies to interested parties with the cash and will to own one.
Talk about your nich market! Still, there was bound to be little competition.
Andy approached Kat at a meeting, and asked her Kat, would you think that Ross would take some pictures for me? I guess so, said Kat, what for? I would like to make a flyer about my chair.
I would like to make more like it and sell them.
A flyer? asked Kat, I edit the Club X newsletter; I could do a flyer for you.
Actually Kat, I thought that you could maybe pose with me and my electric chair in pictures for the flyer said Andy.
Would you be willing? I guess I could, I like having my picture taken.
And so it was decided that Kat would model with Andy and I would take the pictures.
Kat informed me of my involvement in this plan, and we made preparations for shooting the flyer pictures the following Sunday. Cherryberry18 pinay video cam.

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