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She didn’t enjoy the prospect at all of her staff at work finding out and even the possibility scared her rigid.
Nina hated being scared.
So different to when at home where being spanked was so exciting and like now made her wet with anticipation of the pain to come.
Nina slipped on the nightie and went to the bathroom and as she entered saw first Hannah facing away from her at the sink, her bottom red and with lines where she had been caned.
Hannah turned and Nina saw her red tear filled eyes.
She was about to say something but Steph came up behind Nina and said sharply, Two naughty bottoms together.
How touching.
Nina smiled at Steph and saw her smile at her red eyes.
Steph said casually, Hannah tells me she has got a liking for spanking.
I think she put you across her lap didn’t she Nina? Nina sighed at the question.
Yes Steph, Hannah spanked me.
Steph looked at her younger sister and said ironically, First and last time I suspect sis, you are far too naughty to be in charge.
Steph looked across at Nina, and said mockingly, Next time you think Hannah should spank you give me a call and I’ll discipline you Nina.
Nina blushed.
She remembered Hannah spanking her.
Sure they were tipsy when Hannah ordered her across her lap, and maybe Nina had wondered since whether Hannah might spank her again, but she understood Steph may well have spanking authority over her so decided she had better just nod obediently. Lalacruz web cam sex categoris.
Steph laughed, then said with a haughty laugh, No time to talk now as Hannah needs another six strokes with my cane and then early to bed for the naughty young miss.
Hannah sniffed, looked again at Nina who gave her a supportive smile, and seconds later Hannah and Steph were gone.
Nina washed her face and creamed her bottom, had a final look in the mirror and smiled as she went back to the bedroom.
As she passed Hannah’s bedroom she heard the unmistakable swish of the cane, the thwack as it landed, and Hannah’s plaintive scream confirming to Nina Steph was doing exactly as she had promised.
Nina decided not to wait around but went straight to the bedroom closed the door and waited.
An hour later the door opened.
Nina looked up.
It was Mrs.
Bowman who held a wooden backed hairbrush, but no cane.
Bowman saw Nina had removed the nightie and was naked as she went to the chair sat down and ordered in a no nonsense tone, Over my lap Nina.
Nina walked over to Mrs.
Bowman and bent across her lap.
Nina stuck her bottom in the air.
Right now Nina was in the position she so often looked forward to, one of submission, which is very different to when at the office where she is in charge, in the position of power, dressed in expensive quality clothing, At home Nina welcomes being submissive, being disciplined, having the spanker sitting in an upright chair, Nina bent over the spankers lap, fully naked, devoid of the feeling of authority her clothes always gave her, her hands on the floor both keeping her balance but making it extremely difficult to protect her bottom, seeing her legs on the far side of the chair knowing they will soon kick to the tune of her spanker, in an as humiliating position as possible, her bottom being spanked hard so it stings, so often with others watching and laughing at as she cries out in pain. Choco_blanc jasmin free live sex chat.

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