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She looked down and saw just how fleshy everything was, and again smiled to herself thinking what a huge target she had, but equally, what a long job it would be to turn both bottom cheeks and the backs of both legs bright red.
Emma glanced at Cathy, they nodded to each other, both raised their hands and brought their palms down firmly on the far bottom cheek lying so invitingly across their laps.
They loved the way that the fleshy cheek surrendered to their hand, flattened, and then as they brought their hand back up so the bottom cheek bounced back up.
That was repeated as they landed a second spank on the near bottom cheek and then proceeded to spank on alternate bottom cheeks time and again. Evelinejoy livesex com mobile list girl filters.
As the spanking of both grannies proceeded, the college girls watching couldn’t help but make comments about how the huge dangling breasts of both grannies swayed around and, because they were so large, could see that it meant that the granny could hardly see anything other than her own breasts.
Of course, the girls who had been spanked themselves knew they could see the teacher’s upside-down legs and their own dangling under the far side of the chair, and wondered if the grannies were missing out on that humiliating sight.
Mabel and Janet hadn’t expected to be spanked, but both knew this was at least better than having their very private parts searched in front of so many college girl’s teachers and visitors.
However, the heard the various comments, all of which were derogatory , and all of which led to their further humiliation, as though being spanked on their bare bottoms by college girls wasn’t enough. Danillubasex sex chat between lovers.

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