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I felt Melanie slip first one, then two fingers inside me as I leaned into Heather’s wet pussy.
Heather asked me I liked that and called me bitch boy.
As I moaned in the affirmative she came hard all over my face, screaming.
She ground her wet pussy into my face as I locked up everything I could.
Heather climbed off and was replaced by Melanie.
I eagerly started eating Melanie’s creamy pussy.
That’s when I felt something hard pressing on my asshole.
I heard Heather tell me to get ready.
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It rubbed my prostrate.
I almost came just from that.
It felt so good I didn‘t notice the signs of Melanie’s impending orgasm until the creamy juices started flooding my mouth.
I swallowed all I could as Heather worked it in and out of my ass.
Melanie asked Heather if she could lick Heather’s pussy.
Heather immediately told me to sit up and watch while she lay back and spread her legs.
Melanie dove in.
I’m guessing by Heather’s reaction that Melanie was a quick study.
I watched helpless as Melanie worked Heather to another orgasm.
When the girls were finished they uncuffed me.
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