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And now seeing you sitting there like that… I am sure Jacque would feel the same way.
Pity for him that he is missing out on it eh? I replied as I wondered how I would feel playing publicly like this on my own with Paul and Jen.
Indeed, he replied.
I keep thinking of the stories Jacque told me about your trips and how you guys play with exhibitionism when you are out.
I would so love to watch you do that and experience it with you.
I reached my hand over to his leg and moved it up to find his cock; completely hard and straining against the fabric of his pants.
I can tell that you have been thinking about the prospects of just that, I said with a smile. Duosexylatino vidyolu sex chat turk.
What are you thinking about right now? Paul hesitated then slowly, while looking down again at my legs and said, I am thinking about you taking off that thong and watching you tease the guys sitting at those tables across from us.
With us up on these high stools, they would have a perfect view.
If you let them, that is.
I was nervous about how far this could go and how much I was willing to do in public without Jacque there.
But I made the promise to Jen to try and be her exhibitionist surrogate for Paul so I took a deep breath and said; I will tell you what, my dearest Paul.
I have never done this with anyone else, but since it is obvious that I have your ‘erectattention, I will grant you three wishes over the course of the evening.
Would you like that to be wish number one? Paul’s face erupted into a huge grin.
Really ? he stammered.
You would do that? Liliya_alex is normal to have sex chat.

Liliya_alex is normal to have sex chat.
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Liliya_alex is normal to have sex chat.
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