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Well I got spanked and caned so often at school and would tell groups of girls about it when they asked, which quite a few did.
I was back from Uni for the holidays and a few of us went out for drinks.
We ended up back at mine and my Mum was there.
One girl kept asking me what being spanked was like and my Mum spoke up and said if she wanted to find out then she would spank her.
Well one thing led to another and Mum spanked her in front of us all.
Two days later one of the other girls asked her to spank her and over the next couple of week’s five girls in all went to see my Mum to get spanked.
I’m not sure I understand why? You see these were girls too goody goody to get spanked at school, or rather too scared.
The type of girl who did see discipline as a deterrent.
So how come they wanted to be spanked? I worked out it was because they were never spanked when they should have been.
Neither at home or at school.
In fact if they had been, once or maybe twice, they would have known it hurt and not kept wondering. Zavod555 porno video online free chat vithout registration.
They did wonder though, built it up in their minds, and even masturbated dreaming of being spanked.
That started the old sex juice flowing.
So when they met up with me after we left school they had the courage to ask.
How many of them still get spanked by your Mum? Five girls asked her to spank them in the first year after school.
One fell away but she still deals with the other four.
Of them three like to be caned.
No way, Sally said astonished.
Does your Mum get turned on disciplining you all then? I’m not sure turned on is right.
She enjoys it though I do know and so long as I agree she can discipline me for misbehaving she keeps doing it.
It sounds like a regular thing then.
Nikki saw Sally was interested, strangely so, or maybe just trying to work out why girls would want to get spanked and caned after leaving school.
Getting spanked first and then caned doesn’t take very long really does it? Mum normally sees each girl about once every couple of months.
Let’s face it, it doesn’t take long.
It’s just like attending your Study.
Really? That’s still quite often then.
Sure, and of course she deals with me more often now she has the right to decide to spank me when she wants, or rather when she says I have earned a spanking.
Sally said with a smile but a tinge of sternness in her voice, I rather think like your Mum then.
Nikki smiled continuing, In fact I got disciplined last night.
It was my fault as I got home much later than I said.
Mum gave me a hard bare bottom spanking and then 24 stroke on the bare. Makoeyes bango cams.

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