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She stood there in her heels, with her hands on her hips and allowed Phillip’s hungry eyes to devour her body.
She was feeling very much in control now, until Phillip spoke confidently and full of authority.
Before next Tuesday I want that hair around your cunt waxed off.
Now get on the bed and fuck me! This sudden command startled her and took away the control she had begun to feel within herself.

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She knew her pussy juices were flowing freely enough to ready for him, so she guided his cock into her and sitting upright began to ride him, whilst he stared directly into her eyes.
Tell me how you love doing this Carolyn Phillip spoke again, grunting with pleasure as he did so.
tell me how you love using your body to make money for yourself.
Tell me what a whore you are.
And Carolyn did just that, over and over again as she fucked him to a climax.
Afterwards, they lay beside each other on the bed for a time, until Phillip finally spoke.
I hope that you enjoy Thai food.
I have ordered some to be delivered shortly.
Don’t try and get dressed.
I want you naked for the rest of the evening, but you can leave those shoes on.
They sat opposite each other across the large timber dining table, making polite conversation as they dined and sipped the expensive French champagne that Phillip had opened. Mango99 without regtation bonga webcam.

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