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A third and final spanking landed near the bottom of her ass, and then to her surprise she felt one of daddy’s fingers inch over the fabric of her skimpy panties and gently massage her warm, yearning pussy.
She was overcome with joy, for she never knew before that her father had the same forbidden feelings she had harbored for some time now.
“You’re already wet?” he asked with a rare hint of disbelief in his strong voice.
“I’ve dreamed of this, Daddy,” she gleefully admitted to him.
Ever since the first time you punished me in this manner.
When I came home that day after the college‘s orientation and I accidentally wrecked your Porsche.
” He continued to massage around and over his daughter‘s womanhood through her panties, basking in the teasing of the taboo pleasures with the young Ally.
“Do you like that, darling?” “Yes, daddy,” she quickly answered through her light moans.
“I want to make you happy,” she added, “anything you want.
I’m sorry I let you down.
” Her father halted the stimulation of Ally‘s wet pussy, and leaned back against the desk. Senyasexyhot ruski porno.
His hands unbuckled his black, leather belt, allowing him to drop his slacks to the marble floor.
Ally knelt down before her father’s throbbing cock, her eyes sparkling with anticipation to finally taste the vessel which caused her own birth.
She wrapped a hand around the base of daddy’s cock, and gingerly licked her tongue from the tip of the head and alongside the long, vascular shaft and ended up lapping underneath his base and tasting the back of his sack.
She rolled her tongue around, then licked back the opposite side of his wonderful rod.
His hands reached down, grabbing both of Ally’s pigtails as if they were handles.
She looked upward into her daddy’s eyes, a glint of desire in here green eyes.
Ally opened her mouth around the girth of his cock’s head, before abruptly being pulled forcefully down his shaft.
His cock barrelled into her throat, and he held her into the base of his crotch against her slight, natural resistance.
After a moment, she began to gag and was released from his grasp.
Ally coughed a little, brushing some cum off her lips so she can lick it up and swallow her father‘s seed.
She gazed into her daddy’s eyes with a subservient stare, and a small, proud smirk.
He crawled onto his mahogany desk, and lied down, his erect cock standing at attention, still throbbing and hungry for Ally’s tight, wet pussy .
She unbuttoned her shirt, and tauntingly rolled her hips around while she removed it and daddy played with his member, wanting her. Missvicky1 free online chat rooms.

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