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I got out of my car, grabbing my paperwork, and followed Jacky to the front of the salon.
He opened the front door and said, “After you,motioning me through ahead of him.
As I walked past I looked at him very questioningly and he just grinned and told me to have a seat while he explained.
As Jacky started to spell out his grand scheme I started to get quite excited at the prospect of being a full crossdresser from head to toe.
Jacky told me that he picked this place because they catered to crossdressers and sold everything that we would need including wigs and make-up and would teach us both how to do it all.
Eating Pussy in the Kitchen Twas the night before the wedding.
The rehearsal dinner went just as we planned and only the overnight hours separated Liu and me from our wedding day.
My best friend Melinda, Liu and I went to his place (soon to be our place) all smiles and laughter.
The three of us stood in the kitchen, talking about the big day tomorrow.
I don’t believe you’re really going to go through with it, Kait, Melinda said as if she was still in shock. Titsnice see me fuck.
Yep, you heard mom at the dinner.
She said that no one will be talking about my wedding dress tomorrow because I won’t be wearing one! Liu shook his head and laughed as he poured himself a tall glass of water.
So you’re really going to get married in the nude tomorrow? Melinda asked.
You’re my maid of honor, did you see me pick out a dress? I know you didn’t but I thought you would change your mind.
I guess it’s too late now.
Yep, it is too late and I’m not going to change my mind! I said as I stroked her hair.
I can’t wait for the video, Liu chimed in with a smile.
Look, I’ve been fighting for months with my parents and they finally caved in.
I’m tired of hearing how I’m going to regret my decision.
Liu and I agreed to this.
This is our wedding; this is how we want it to be.
We met with the wedding official and even put a note in with our invitations that clearly statebride will be fully nude at wedding and reception’.
Melinda bit her lip and smiled.
So Liu, are you going to be showing your junk? No, my junk will be covered for the wedding- not sure about the reception, he said with a wink.
Melinda, it’s not too late for you to ditch the gown and go nude with me, I offered.
Now that would be ridiculous! she said with a huge smile.
I couldn’t help but think that she was considering it.
Now that would be HOT! Liu said as he put the empty glass in the sink.
You’re a sick man, Liu! Melinda said as she playfully slapped his arm. Naturalboobsd online live sex chat videos.

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