Nicollejens chat with swingers.

Nicollejens chat with swingers.
Do you understand?” Dave paused for thought then found himself nodding.
It seemed the taboo of sucking another man‘s cock excited him, at the request of his mistress.
Natasha gestured to Steve, who pulled his throbbing member from Donna‘s gaping asshole and took hold of the sides of Dave’s head.
Dave stared on at the glistening rod of meat before his face and gulped in anticipation.
He opened his mouth slightly.
One second later, Steve pushed the head of his cock between Dave’s lips and began to slowly fuck his mouth.
Dave struggled to breath through his nose and fight the gag reflex each time Steve’s cock reached the back of his tongue.
As the saliva began to drool forth from Dave’s lips, Natasha spoke.
Good Dave, good.
Relax your throat and let Steve gather a rhythm” she instructed.
“Donna, I want you place your tongue at the end of Dave’s penis and hold your mouth open.
” Donna turned around and positioned herself in front of Dave’s straining cock, opening her mouth as she‘d been told to.
She extended her tongue such that it barely made contact with the underside of Dave’s cock. Totalfetish runetka erotichnie.
Okay you two, we’re ready for the finale.
Natasha said, as Steve voraciously fucked Dave’s mouth.
“I expect it won’t be long now.
Steve’s looking like he’s nearly there.
” Steve closed his eyes as his orgasm approached.
Dave did the same, now feeling anxious as he became all too aware his mouth would soon be tasting another man’s come for the first time.
Give him your come Steve, in the front of his mouth so he can taste it before swallowing”, Natasha said.
Steve pulled his cock back until just the helmet sat lodged between Dave’s lips.
He grunted and exhaled loudly as his sperm made its way up his shaft and into Dave’s mouth.
Dave let loose a muffled cry as the first rope of hot liquid spat against the back of his throat and dribbled inward.
The subsequent ones filled the front of his mouth, and covered his tongue.
As its heat and metallic flavor hit his taste buds, Dave felt himself gag momentarily, but fought it back as best he could.
In that moment, the realization of his body being invaded by another man’s fluids, in full view of Natasha and his girlfriend, triggered his own pent-up orgasm.
He exploded into Donna’s waiting mouth, some of it lashing her cheek and some finding its way directly to the back of her mouth, with the tail end finishing on her lower lip and chin.
With Steve’s full load in his mouth, Natasha directed Dave to swallow.
Steve pulled his cock out; it shone from the mixed fluids that coated it and its vein-ridden shaft was an angry red as the blood pulsed away inside it. Nicollejens chat with swingers.

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